Other than the TSSA City region that includes the greater Adelaide Metropolitan area, there are also currently four country regional areas that have established Regional/Country Tennis Seniors associations in South Australia.

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Each regional association is autonomous with their own committees and finances. They arrange their own playing program and social events, for their playing seasons.

Players travel long distances to play in the organised events – for instance, players may regularly travel from Bordertown to Mt. Gambier, a distance of 182 kilometres, or from Pt. Augusta to Jamestown, a distance of around 130 kilometres. Keep in mind they often have to undertake the return journey on the same day - Country Tennis Seniors players are passionate about their sport!

There is interaction between regions - players from the Murray Bridge region travel to the South East at least once each season and vice-versa. Players from the Northern Areas region play a match against players from the City region each year with the match venue alternating. Riverland region hosts the iconic annual Berri Teams Carnival and their players also annually play the Murray Bridge region and interact with the players in the Lucindale area.

Once a year in July representatives from all four country regions meet with the TSSA Committee of the City region to discuss new ideas and plans for the upcoming seasons and to exchange details of their respective calendar of events. These are then placed on the website for the benefit of all Tennis Seniors players who can be assured of a warm welcome at any of the regular monthly fixtures of any region.