About Us

Our organisation was established in 1972 and we were originally known as The South Australian Veterans Tennis Association. On 15 August, 2006 the name 'Veterans' was replaced and our new name became The Tennis Seniors Association of SA Inc. or as per our TSSA Constitution we are referred to as Tennis Seniors SA and/or TSSA.

The headquarters of Tennis Seniors SA (est. 1995) is located at the South Park Tennis Seniors & Hockey Centre that is sited in the parklands opposite 118 Greenhill Road Unley, and just east of Peacock Road that cuts through the  parklands (connects King William Road with King William Street). The complex includes 18 carpeted tennis courts and a large club room abutting Greenhill Road. These clubrooms are shared with Adelaide Hockey Club and include a large communal area, bar and basic kitchen facilities. The toilet facilities for both women and men were upgraded in 2019. Tennis Seniors SA shares availability of these grounds with Adelaide Hockey Club and Pulteney Grammar School.

Tennis Seniors SA is affiliated with Tennis South Australia (Tennis SA) and Tennis Seniors Australia (TSA). Our Association is also linked to Tennis Australia (TA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

In South Australia there are also four Regional/Country Tennis Seniors associations with whom we maintain close links. Our associations seek to conduct annual tournaments/carnivals and generally work together in exploring ways to foster and encourage the playing of tennis amongst adults 30+ ( pre 2021 was 35+).

Our county regional associations include:

Our Vision

A vibrant, welcoming, inclusive, and accessible tennis experience

Our Objectives

  1. To encourage, promote and advance the continued playing of Tennis by senior players irrespective of standard;
  2. To encourage the playing of Tennis in the spirit of enjoyment;
  3. To provide playing facilities and to promote, encourage and hold competitions and tournaments in South Australia for senior players of Tennis;
  4. To enter teams of Members in any Tennis competitions;
  5. To arrange matches between the Association and any other associations, clubs or teams in South Australia or elsewhere;
  6. To promote social activities and genial relations among Members, to arrange sporting activities for Members, and to provide social amenities for Members;
  7. To promote and assist with the formation of other associations, clubs or competitions for senior players of Tennis in South Australia;
  8. Subject to any resolution of the Association at a General Meeting, to affiliate with Tennis Seniors Aust, TSA and/or with any other body or bodies formed for the purpose of promoting or controlling Tennis whether in South Australia or elsewhere;
  9. To maintain and enhance the reputation of Tennis and the standards of play and behaviour of Members; and
  10. To undertake and or do other things or activities which are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of these Objects.

Interested in Seniors Tennis?

If you think you might be interested in Seniors Tennis you can register your interest by sending an email to our TSSA Membership Officer, Ernest STEVENSON ernest.stevenson@aussiebroadband.com.au


Complete a TSSA Membership Application or TSSA Membership Renewal form and forward to our TSSA Membership Officer (details on the forms).