Your Executive and Social Committee Members

We are here for you!

Each year at the Annual General Meeting, Team Brisbane Tennis Club members elect new committee members as required by the constitution. Changes happen occasionally, and our Rules of Incorporation dictate how we manage those changes.

Since 2020, TBT has operated an Executive Committee and a Social Committee

TBT would only be able to operate with the valuable time and dedication that its committee members volunteer. Sacrificing free time and juggling busy lives to deliver the best possible outcomes for its members is something our members appreciate. The unique energy that has fuelled the growth and vitality of the TBT Club since its incorporation is topped up and refreshed in 2023 by the following Committee Members.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the TBT management including:

  • Short and long-term planning
  • developing long-term strategy and distributing policies and procedures
  • Communicating with members regularly
  • Developing and managing external relationships
  • Ensuring successful management of legal and financial matters
  • Listening and acting on recommendations
  • Evaluating the performance of all areas of the club
  • Planning succession and inducting committee members
  • Clearly defining the leadership role of the committee members
  • Providing records and job descriptions to a newly elected committee

The Sub-Committee focuses on:

  • organising Social Tennis
  • player engagement
  • assessing player standards
  • managing social tennis queries

Committee Membership (February 2023)

The current Executive Committee membership comprises:

President: Michael Whybird             Vice President: Chris Burling

Treasurer: Chris Barstow                    Deputy Treasurer:  Luke Topp

Secretary:  Heath Hetherington    Deputy Secretary: Trevor Gormley

Events and Sponsorship Directors: Trevor Gormley / Luke Topp

Complaints Handling: Michael Wilton (Chair), President, Treasurer

Other Executive Committee Members:  David Bennett, Scott Anscombe, Angelo Tomada


The current Social Committee Membership comprises:

Chairperson, Social Tennis Coordinator, Media & IT:  David Bennett

Deputy Chair, Social Tennis Coordinator: Scott Anscombe

Events Coordinator/Graphic Design: Kevin Fabian Velandia

Social Tennis Coordinator: Dean Berry

Social Tennis Coordinator: Angelo Tomada

Events Coordinator:  Sang Hun (Justin) Yoon

Player Assessment Panel: Joel Braund


Brisvegas 2023 Committee

1. Trevor Gormley - Events and Sponsorship Director 

2. Luke Topp - Events & Sponsorship Director

3. President- (collectively 1-3 are the 'Tournament Directors')

4. Kwong Yin - BO24 - Volunteer Coordinator and Secondary Referee

5. Matthew Strom - Tournament Referee 


Previous TBT Presidents (since Incorporation in 2018)

2018/2019 - Mark Thornton (Life Member)

2019/2020 - Mark Thornton

2020/2021 - Daniel Puselj

2021/2022 - Michael Hammett

2023 -  Daniel Puselj (Jan - May), Michael Whybird (June - December)

2024 - Michael Whybird (Jan - Mar 31), Christopher Burling (April - )