*** Please refer to this link for Community Tennis Guidelines as published on Tennis Vic website as at October 30th ***


EPTC is very active in providing competitive tennis options to its members. We strongly encourage our members to get involved and enjoy the benefits of a little healthy competition and a good hit. We offer levels of competitions to suit beginners to advanced players, young to not-so-young players.

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EPTC is involved in the following competitions:


Contact Name

Contact No:

Juniors Weekend

Nick Ashton-Smith

0439 591 543

Seniors Weekend

Phil Lam

0436 398 888

Seniors - Night

Stuart Naylor

Jenny Morgan

0403 001 275

0400 538 017

Midweek Ladies

Jo Mitchell

0402 484 518

Midweek Mens

Peter Vanson

0407 601 045

Night Social

Bob Stanikowski

0404 085 650



EPTC also participates in:


Tennis Victoria Pennant

Tennis Victoria Junior Pennant