Tasmanian Tennis Academy Policies

1) Devonport Tennis Club membership.

Families are not required to be members of the Devonport Tennis Club, but it is encouraged, as families can then play tennis at times outside of coaching hours. 

Membership gives you discounts to coaching and other activities.  Click here to register

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All participants living in the Devonport area are expected to choose the Devonport Tennis Club as their home club and the place where they join as members. It is understood and more than acceptable that participants who live closer to another local club join at this club, but still participate in activities at the Devonport Tennis Club. 

2) Poor weather

If the weather is unsuitable for playing on a normal coaching weekday, then a post will be put on the Tasmanian Tennis Academy Facebook page by 2pm. If there is no post then play/coaching is going ahead. If the courts get wet unexpectantly during a session we use the club rooms space to complete the lessons.  I often coach in local schools and don’t look at my phone until after I finish on court in an evening, so I don’t see messages asking if tennis is on until after I finish coaching for the evening.

3) Weekly match play

This match play is included in the term fees. I do understand that some players have other activities on, but where possible if your athlete can play this is fantastic for their development and understanding of the game of tennis. In Orange ball each week we will be teaching and helping them develop the skills to move up to green ball. This match play is about the process of learning how to play tennis, not the outcomes (winning). 

I take a considerable amount of time each week to prepare the draw to ensure good match ups and games for the children. If you could please let me know if you are unable to make it before 1pm, this is super helpful. Otherwise players arrive to play and they don’t have an opponent.

It is also super helpful if everyone arrives at least 5 mins early so we can do the briefing at 3.45pm and get everyone on court as soon as possible.

Also, if you do have clashing activities and one week you can make it along, please also let me know before 1pm and I will ensure they get a match.

4) On time pickup/Collection

Where possible, please ensure your children arrive on time or at least a couple of minutes before their lesson time. I usually arrive at the club by 3.35pm as I need to wait for my daughters’ school bus to arrive from Ulverstone. If you arrive a few minutes earlier this means we can start lessons on time with all participants in attendance and not have to repeat instructions multiple times as children arrive at various times. It is also a lovely time where the children do free tennis play, have chats with each other and build stronger friendships.

Please pick up your children on time (ie at the end of their tennis lesson). Parents arriving more than 5 mins past the pick up time may be subject to a $15 per 5 minutes late charge. Please understand that at the end of coaching on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays I have other commitments immediately following tennis coaching. So, if you run late, it causes me to run late. If you aren’t sure what time your child’s class actually finishes, please ask. Thank you for your assistance with this.

5) School Holiday Fun

Each school holidays we have a 2 day school holiday camp. The camps are really important for Orange, green and yellow ballers to participate. This is where the children form lovely friendships and get to spend time off the court with each other. It keeps them active and I find that the children who participate in these, develop quickly as players as they understand the application of what they are learning in coaching and how to compete.

This is especially important if your child is unable to participate in the weekly match play. The holiday fun will help them develop the skills they need to move up to the next ball level. I rarely move players up to the next ball level unless I see the match play quality I am looking for.

6) Borrowing racquets

The correct size racquet for the current skill level, age and height is really important. If players have the wrong size racquets it can cause their tennis technique to develop habits that will hinder their game as it progresses.

You are most welcome to borrow my racquets for as along as you need to, as players will change the racquet size as they progress as a player. Once a player reaches green or yellow ball you should be investing in a racquet for them.

The racquets are stored in the pro shop, so when you arrive for a lesson, the child can grab a racquet and then return it at the end of the session. They are most welcome to grab a ball too and practice with you or on the hitting wall before and after class too.

If you are playing tennis outside of coaching hours, then of course you will need a racquet. I am happy to guide you on the correct size to invest in.

I have plenty of racquets available to purchase from $40 until $400 too.

7) Emails are the main form of communication with parents.

If you need to send me a second email to be included in these, please do. Eg both parents/guardians emails.

The only thing to keep in mind, is occasionally I send emails from the online registration system about a specific class and it only emails the email that is used for the online registration.

8) Parents watching/staying/leaving during lessons

If your child is comfortable with you leaving them during coaching, you are most welcome to leave them. Parents are most welcome to stay and watch too. If it is cold, I can always open the club rooms and you can watch from the warmth inside.

For Blue stage and Red ball, the coaches often encourage or ask parents to participate. This will include completing the activities or feeding balls to your child.

For orange, green and yellow ball, parents are not normally required on the court, but you are most welcome to pick up tennis balls.

Please ensure if you are staying during coaching that you refrain from talking/coaching your child while they are on court with the coach.  Communication is of course ok if the coach asks you to feed balls during the session, but please refrain from giving technical advice during this time. 

9) Public Holidays

If a public holiday falls on a coaching day, coaching  is still normally on. 

10) No make up sessions

If you miss a session there are no make up sessions available. Most classes are full and this space is held for your child whether or not they attend. 

10) Free trial policy

Free trials are not available. There are limited spaces available in classes and no place will be held for any person until full payment is made. Even is you express an interest in a class, this does not guarantee a place. The School holiday program the trial process, where players can come along and try tennis with no obligation of continuing during the term. 

11) Anti bullying

Tasmanian Tennis Academy recognises its duty to players  and coaches to provide a safe and positive learning environment where individual differences and diversity within the club is respected and accepted. Bullying is not tolerated at Tasmanian Tennis Academy. This includes bullying by parents of tennis coaches. If bullying  (by players or parents) occurs there is a high possibility of removal from the program (no refund). 

A full anti bullying policy can be found here. 

12) Loyalty to coach 

Loyality to Tasmanian Tennis Academy and the coaching team is expected. Tasmanian Tennis Academy delivers a full development program at pathway and it is expected that participants are loyal to this. This means that each player can develop into a high level player through playing at the club. If participants desire to experience coaching from another coach, then they need to notify Pip in advance explaining compelling reasons for this choice. Following this a decision will be made if  the participant may still participate in Tasmanian Tennis Academy activities. 

13) Non attendance at match play 

If an athlete has indicated they they plan to regularly attend match play and they no show more than twice (ie not giving notice, or giving notice after 1pm), then they may be excluded from attending future games (no refund). 

14) Continuous improvement, ideas, feedback and complaints

Tasmanian Tennis Academy is committed to continuous improvement, so if you ever have any ideas, feedback or concerns you would like to confidentally discuss, please contact Pip during the day (when she is not on court) to discuss these. 

15) No electronic devices

Tasmanian Tennis Academy has a no electronic devices policy while at the tennis club. I am ok if a device is needed to communicate with parents, but this shouldn’t take more than a couple of moments and then they can put it away in their bags. This is to encourage the players to get off technology and have actual live conversations with those around them. Tasmanian Tennis Academy takes no responsibility for loss/theft of any valuables brought to tennis.

16) Coach availability

Pip is only available weekdays  M-F 9-2.30 to respond to enquiries and requests. She is often on court during the day too, so feel free to send messages outside  these times and she will respond during office hours. 

17) Moving up ball policy

The ages for different balls is merely a guide. Pip will be in contact with you when your child is ready to move up to the next ball stage. Please do not assume your child will move up to the next level when they reach a certain age. All balls stages are by skill level.