Tennis for juniors (18 and under)

Our junior coaching can cater for any age or ability, from a complete beginner through to national competitor

  • We ensure every child can achieve their full potential. We believe that the more a child plays, the better they will become, the better they become, the more they will enjoy their tennis and then of course this creates a wonderful positive engagement cycle. 
  • We strongly encourage each player as soon as they can have a rally to engage in some sort of competitive/point play, as this helps the player understand why they are learning what they are learning during coaching.  
  • We ensure younger players are playing with the correct sized racquets, balls and nets. Our players are matched to coaching groups that best suits their current playing ability. We love to progress players through the various levels as they improve at their own rate.  
  • Junior tennis refers to any athlete under the age of 18. 

Hot Shots Coaching:

Hot Shots is Tennis for kids

It is a program designed to help every child, no matter their age or ability, jump in and start playing tennis.

Hot Shots is played on smaller courts with modified equipment, including lighter racquets, lower nets and low compression balls that don’t    bounce too high!  It's just like in soccer when children play on a smaller field with a smaller ball and less children.

The modified set up, helps the children get  the best and quickest outcomes possible. It helps them have initial success and enjoyment. It teaches them to hit the ball in the ideal hitting  zone and establish great habits for their future tennis playing.  

Lesson format:  Small groups based on tennis stage and current skill level. 

Hot Shots lessons are suitable for: Kids who want to get started or develop their tennis in a fun, group environment


Our weekly schedule:

Each term we deliver 8 coaching sessions. You register online and pay for the whole term in advance. If it rains one week, we make that week up at the end of the term.


Poor weather

If the weather is unsuitable, there will be a post on the Tasmanian Tennis Academy Facebook page by 2pm. If there is no post, then tennis is going ahead. I often deliver tennis in local schools and come straight from tennis, so I am often not able to answer text messages from 2pm on. If it rains mid session we will continue the class in the clubrooms.


Spare racquets

I have plenty of spare racquets available for use. On the first day myself or one of the coaches will show you where to borrow/return a racquet from. Once your child is well established in the game of tennis (green ball – that is the time to look to invest in a tennis racquet for them). I have racquets available for purchase at the club.


What to bring

All you need to bring is a water bottle to each session and wear comfy clothes. 


Parent questions/Pip’s availability

I am more than happy to chat and answer parent questions during the day when I am not on court. I prefer that parent questions/conversations happen during the day, rather than when I am on court coaching. When I am on court I am focussed on the coaching and players. 



Many classes fill up quickly. Registration each term is based on a first in basis. Many classes fill and have waiting lists. Early bird registration and pricing for the term ends the Sunday night at 8pm before the term starts. 

Where do I find info?

Email is the main form of communication from Pip. 

Practice matches/Notifying Pip if you can’t make it

Practice games are included in the group lesson price for the term. Once you have enrolled in coaching for the term, you can choose which day you want to do match play. You can play as many days as you want. The more your child plays, the better they will become. The better they become, the more they will love tennis and want to play more.  Match play is included in the term fees. A roster for the term will be created based on the registered players. If your child is unable to attend one week, please let Pip know well in advance so she can organise a fill in so the match can still be completed. If your child is registered for a practice game and you simply don’t show up, then there is a child at the club missing out on a game and it often means that the match ups aren’t as good. If you pick your child up from school and they are unwell, please message Pip. A little advance notice is super helpful.  If you are running late to practice games, then please message Pip. This is super helpful as then I can see the message and not re do the draw knowing the player is soon arriving.

What to expect when you arrive at the club

If the lesson begins at 3.45pm all children start on the one court and do a group warm up together. If you arrive early, you can grab a racquet and ball from the pro shop and have a hit on the wall or out on court with a friend/parent or practice serves.

There will be no refunds on  any tennis fees.

In some extreme situations a credit for future tennis coaching activities may be available. 

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