Match Play

Junior Match play (Orange, green and yellow ball)

There are match play opportunities for all ages and levels

Competition is not all about winning. It is a process where you practice what you have learned on the tennis court.

 We believe that tennis  can help build character and resilience in each player and we emphasize the importance of being a good sport and  having great on court behaviour and body language.  

Other match play opportunities are available through out the year. 

Some match play is included in the term fees. Ideally each child attends at least 1 coaching and practice match session per week. They are most welcome to attend more. For example if there are two practice match sessions, they can attend two in addition to coaching. 

Junior Match Play is  suitable for: Orange, green and yellow ball players. 

Hot Shots Match play (Red Ball)

The first step in your child’s match play pathway is playing in the Hot Shots match play events

These events are the perfect place to start trying some friendly competition with children from their own club, surrounded by supportive parents and coaches that can help them out.  

Hot Shots match play is a fun and social way for children to get into tennis and learn scoring and gameplay.  

Lesson format:  Small group guided competition

Hot Shots Match Play is  suitable for: children  who want to get started with guided, friendly competition against kids in their own club.