Tennis for juniors

Our junior coaching can cater for any age or ability, from a complete beginner through to national competitor

  • We ensure every child can achieve their full potential. We believe that the more a child plays, the better they will become, the better they become, the more they will enjoy their tennis and then of course this creates a wonderful positive engagement cycle. 
  • We strongly encourage each player as soon as they can have a rally to engage in some sort of competitive/point play, as this helps the player understand why they are learning what they are learning during coaching.  
  • We ensure younger players are playing with the correct sized racquets, balls and nets. Our players are matched to coaching groups that best suits their current playing ability. We love to progress players through the various levels as they improve at their own rate.  
  • Junior tennis refers to any athlete under the age of 18. 


Hot Shots Coaching:

Hot Shots is Tennis for kids

It is a program designed to help every child, no matter their age or ability, jump in and start playing tennis.

Hot Shots is played on smaller courts with modified equipment, including lighter racquets, lower nets and low compression balls that don’t    bounce too high!  It's just like in soccer when children play on a smaller field with a smaller ball and less children.

The modified set up, helps the children get  the best and quickest outcomes possible. It helps them have initial success and enjoyment. It teaches them to hit the ball in the ideal hitting  zone and establish great habits for their future tennis playing.  

Lesson format:  Small groups based on tennis stage and age groups

Hot Shots lessons are suitable for: Kids who want to get started or develop their tennis in a fun, group environment


Junior Development Squad

Our top junior squad is our  junior development squad. This is for yellow ball standard athletes. Participation in this squad is by selection and invitation only.

I choose athletes based on the best fit to work with my squad, teaching style and structure.

The selection criteria is as follows:

*  Coachable

*  Willing to change

*  Respectful

*  Excellent on and off court attitude and behaviour especially during tough matches

*  Willing to listen

*  Keen to work hard and have fun

*  Listening and implementing my coaching suggestions

*  Contributing to the positive tennis environment in squad.

Private Tennis Coaching

There is a selection criteria to qualify for private lessons. Children need to be doing at least 2 sessions (1 squad and a hit of tennis at another time) of tennis per week plus ideally participating in regular match play. They must be super keen to improve, display a teachable attitute, be respective, excellent on court (including during matches) behaviour and a willingness to work hard.  Assistant Coaches have some availability during the week. Pip has limited availability, but please chat with her about this. Pip also has more availability in the school holidays too. 

30 min lesson is $35

45 min lesson $45

60 min lesson $60. 






Our weekly schedule:

There will be no refunds on  any tennis fees.

In some extreme situations a credit for future tennis coaching activities may be available. 

Each term, the goal is to have 8 sessions for each class. 

If  a session is not run due to unsuitable weather, then where possible, this session will be made up at the end of the term. 










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