Looking After Our Courts

Whilst all court surfaces require some degree of maintenance, clay surfaces generally require a higher level of maintenance and therefore cost. 

The courts at Willison are exceptionally vulnerable in dry windy conditions. These conditions have in the past led to complete loss of the court surface on a number of occasions. Replacement of the surface is an expensive process for the club, and is preventible if members co-operate by ensuring that the courts are thoroughly watered fence-to-fence before and after play. It's not enough to just give the courts a light sprinkle between the lines.  So to help us look after our courts please do the following:

Water the courts when necessary

The amount of watering required depends on the weather; in periods of warmer weather courts should be watered before, during and at the conclusion of play. Playing on dry courts may cause severe damage as the top layers of the court can disintegrate. Please remember to water the area behind the baselines.

Wear proper tennis shoes

Court conversion to clay means correct footwear is essential. Tennis shoes should be non-marking and have a flat sole. Cross-trainers and heeled shoes are not appropriate and damage the courts. Also, note that some shoes marketed as tennis shoes may be designed for hard-courts and may not be suitable for the clay courts at WPTC.  You will be asked to stop play if you don't have the correct footwear on.

Bag the courts

Bagging the courts involves pulling the drag mats over the court surface to erase all footmarks and provide an even spread of surface particles. Please remember to bag the entire court including the area behind the baselines. Courts should be bagged at the conclusion of play. In periods of warm weather bagging the courts may produce large amounts of dust; to avoid this, water the courts prior to bagging.