Our Courts

The courts at Willison are clay, rather than the standard coarser en-tous-cas courts generally in use at other clubs. The clay courts were installed in conjunction with Tennis Australia, as part of a program to familiarise promising Australian juniors with European clay playing conditions.

The playing characteristics sought from the introduction of this surface were:

  • Slow ball speed
  • Medium to high ball bounce
  • Uniform trueness of bounce
  • Reward for top spin strokes
  • Reward for slice strokes
  • Firm footing with ability to slide
  • Medium to soft shock absorption qualities

After the construction of clay courts at Melbourne Park, this program was moved to those facilities. The committee at Willison decided to continue with the clay surface rather than revert to en-tous-cas.  This decision has been reviewed multiple times in light of the additional cost but the result is always the same - we love our courts!