Court Availability

Weekend Availability

Weekend competition will start again on Saturday 1st May finishing on Sunday 12th September.  No competition takes place during school holidays

Saturday and Sunday mornings – Junior competition occupies all our courts but finishes around midday.  

Saturday afternoons - we have three teams playing so there will be four courts occupied one week and two on the alternate week.  This will leave 2 courts free for social play when 2 teams are home and 4 courts when there is one team at home.   All courts should be free after 5pm. 

The  competition use is as follows;

Two teams at home so 2 courts available for social play

1, 15, 22 May,  19 June,  31 July,  7, 21, 28 Aug.

One team at home so 4 courts available for social play

8, 29 May,  5 June,  17, 24 July,  14 Aug,  4 Sept.


School holidays

– courts are available at all times except for when holiday coaching clinics are on.  Details of these clinics can be found on the Coaching page of this website.

Term times

Courts are freely available except for the following -

Weekday afternoons from 3pm till approximately 7pm – our coaching team, Kanga Tennis Coaching has use of the courts at these times for their various programs.  You may still get a court later in the afternoon but there is no guarantee.

Night competition 

Monday night – we have a strong ladies entry on a Monday night with 3 teams competing so 4 of the courts are in use for competition when 2 teams are home and 2 courts are used the other week.  You should get a court after 8pm once all coaching has generally finished for the night .

Tuesday night – only a couple of teams and normally one is away so you should be ok to get a court after 7.30pm

Wednesday mornings – our long running ladies social morning uses up to 3 of the courts but they are generally finished by 10.30am and busy enjoying their coffee and chat!  As there is some competition tennis it is safer to wait until after 10.30am to make sure you can get a court.