Waverley District Tennis Association (

Waverley Tennis has grown over its relatively short history to become the largest and most proactive Tennis Association in Victoria, if not Australia (as recognised by Tennis Victoria), boasting activities in all facets of the game of tennis, i.e. Weekend Junior and Senior inter-club matchplay (Saturdays and Sundays), Mid-Week Ladies' tennis (via the Mid-Week Ladies' Division), Mid-Week Men's tennis, Night Tennis inter-club matchplay, Waverley Tennis Hot Shots Match Play inter-club competition formatted for beginner players and their parents, Waverley Tennis Junior Developnent Squad Program (to complement individual player coaching), and prolific convenor/ organiser of Tennis Australia sanctioned Tennis Australia Australian Money Tournaments (AMT's) and Junior Tournaments (JT's). Waverley Tennis is therefore unique amongst Tennis Associations as, from its formation from Day 1, Waverley Tennis caters for all categories of players and all ages under the Tennis Association's watch.

Metro Masters Tennis Assosiation (

The competition has been going since 1985 and has a reputation for being one of the friendliest and one of the most best veteran's competitions around - it is bigger than Tennis Victoria's own veteran's competitions (varying age groups). This competition is for over 50 year old players (can include men and women) with teams nominating at least 5 players per team (more required generally for obvious reasons) with 4 players taking the court each week.

Blackburn District Tennis Association (

BDTA conduct night tennis competition four nights per week across 50 Venue Clubs located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs

  • Monday Nights: 10 Ladies Doubles Sections, 4 Open Doubles Sections
  • Tuesday Nights: 15 Open Doubles Sections
  • Wednesday Nights: 11 Open Doubles Sections
  • Thursday Nights: 8 Open Doubles Sections, 5 Open Sgls/Dbls Sections