Access Key

Access Ability Australia

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Knox City Council and Access Ability Australia to help shape and develop the City of Knox into an accessible and inclusive community.

An Access Key for Eildon Park Tennis Club is now available to help people plan their visit and to feel comfortable and confident using the club and its facilities.

Access Keys are customised accessibility guides that provide an improved level of information and a predictive walk through complete with coloured photographs and supportive text. This Access Keys include details about the club’s layout, parking, entry and exit points, the clubhouse, toilets and courts, general access as well as programs available.

Access Keys aim to ensure that all visitors, regardless of abilities, can participate in and contribute to community life with independence, equity and dignity.

Access Keys…..unlocking your world!

To find out More about Access Ability Australia and their extensive list of Access keys, please visit their website.

The EPTC Access Key can be found here – Eildon Park Tennis Club Access Key