Cardio Tennis

Raise a Happy Sweat


Cardio Tennis is a tennis based workout program that brings together a variety of cardio workouts, a range of fun tennis drills, all set to a high-energy soundtrack. 

Cardio Tennis is suitable to all fitness levels and tennis abilities. You don't need to have any previous experience to get involved!

Who is Cardio Tennis for?
Everyone is welcome at Cardio Tennis, sessions are open to all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

How long does a Cardio Tennis session last?
Sessions last 60 minutes.

Do I need previous experience to join?
No. You don't need any previous tennis experience in order to enjoy a Cardio session. Your coach will mix up the activities to cater for all skill and fitness levels. 

What's the difference between Cardio Tennis and Adult Coaching?
Cardio Tennis sessions are designed to help people lead a healthy, fun and active lifestyle. Players will get their heart rates up and enjoy a 60 minute workout on court with other like minded people.

Cardio sessions are not designed to improve specific parts of your game, while you will improve during sessions your coach will be focused on providing a workout and setting a fast pace rather than on providing specific technical feedback. 

Adult Coaching sessions however are focused on helping players improve their game. Coaches will focus more on providing players technical and tactical advice specific to the individual. Sessions are game based and players will learn both through play and the feedback provided by the coaches on court.