Our Club Rules

The purpose of this page is to set out the standards of behaviour expected of the Balwyn Park Tennis Club (BPTC) Members and their guests.

Clubhouse Security

  • Entry to the building may be accessed through the ground level door from the Whitehorse Road car park. Your membership card will give you access upon swiping. For access to our Club rooms use your card on the swipe pad to the right of the door.
  • Please ensure that the internal entrance door to the Clubhouse is securely closed after you have entered or exited the building. This door does not self-close so if it is left open, non-members who have access to general areas of the building will be able to gain unauthorised entry to our Club.
  • To exit the Clubhouse through the internal door, please press the Green, ‘Press to Exit’ button to the left of the door.
  • The sliding Clubhouse doors that lead to the courts may be locked and unlocked by pushing and pulling the silver latches up and down. Upon locking these doors from the inside, please double check that the door is securely fastened as the doors can appear locked without actually being so.
  • Courts, Clubhouse and equipment are to be secured when play has finished.
  • Please ensure that the Clubhouse doors are locked when you exit the complex.
  • Entry directly to the tennis courts may be gained via the gate off the Whitehorse Rd car park. Swipe your card for access.

Swipe Card

  • Upon joining the BPTC, members are issued with one swipe card per membership. Upon request, an additional card may be issued.
  • Cardholders must be 18 years or older.
  • Should members decide to exit the BPTC, the swipe card will be decommissioned. Swipe cards are numbered to serve as Member identification.

Clubhouse Lights

The lighting system in the building is automatic. When you enter the change rooms the lights will automatically turn on. Please do not touch any light switches in the Clubhouse.


Tennis players under 12 years must be supervised by an adult member. Non-playing children must not enter the court or be left unsupervised in the Clubhouse.

First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is kept in the Clubhouse for the benefit of members. Ice packs are kept in the fridge. Please ensure that ice packs are returned to the fridge prior to leaving the club so that they are available for other members at all times.

Keeping the Club House clean

  • The club rooms are for the enjoyment of all club members so please ensure you clean up after using the facilities. This includes the kitchen and change room areas.
  • The Committee has engaged a cleaner to clean the clubhouse and bathroom area once a week. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure the clubhouse is clean at all times.

Billi Tap (Boiling water tap)

  • For the convenience of members, a Billi tap has been installed. This unit will dispense boiling or chilled water.
  • On top of the tap there is a lit panel. When the red padlock symbol is illuminated, this means that the device will not dispense. To activate the tap you should wave your hand once behind the tap. When the red padlock light is out then you will be able to press the red dot side for boiling water or the blue dot side for chilled water. The control unit is in the cupboard under the sink. If the unit is not turned on then press the blue circle button at the top right of the unit to switch it on. Please use upmost care with this tap to avoid burns from the boiling water. Please ensure that children do not use this tap.
  • Children must be supervised at all times in the Clubhouse.


  • Visitors to the Club must sign in using the visitors book. Playing fees for a visitor are $5. This money must be deposited in the collection box provided. On competition days, fees may be paid via an electronic device as operated by one of the BPTC Committee members or their authorised representative.

Use of the Clubhouse

  • The club room is primarily available for members playing tennis and their friends. It is not available for rent or private functions

Court Maintenance and Security

  • Appropriate sports shoes should be worn on court.
  • Please ensure the tennis court gates are locked upon your departure.
  • Please ensure that the security gate to the car park is securely shut when you leave the complex.

Court Etiquette

  • Please be considerate to the neighbours
  • Please refer to the BPTC Code of Conduct for our requirements for sportsmanlike conduct.
  • Conduct and dress on court must be reasonable.

Book a Court system

The Book a Court system is in place for people to book a court in advance of playing.

  • To learn more about this system please refer to the Tennis Australia website.
  • To book online visit Book a Court
  • Your booking code will work from the time of your booking for 15 minutes. If your code is not entered within this time, your code will not give access to the security gate.

Court Lighting

  • When you enter your court booking code, the court lights will be turned on for the duration of your booking plus an additional 15 minutes.

Hours of play

Members and guests are reminded that the courts are available for use during the following hours:

  • Monday to Thursday 7 AM til 11 PM
  • Friday to Saturday 7 AM til 11.30 PM
  • Sunday and Public Holidays 9 AM til 10 PM