Altona Tennis Club leases its courts and clubhouse from Hobsons Bay City Council. The club is located with the Altona Central Sports Precinct, with easy access to Cherry Lake. 

The Altona Tennis Club is affiliated with Tennis Victoria and Tennis Australia and operates under model rules for an incorporated association, governed by a volunteer committee. The club constitution governs the club, the committee and the members. 

The Vida Tennis team is led by head coach Mark Peel, who runs the coaching, junior competitions and tournaments at the club. In addition, Mark Peel is the club’s Junior Match Secretary. 

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place in August and all financial members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Full members can also request to see the club's audited financial accounts at any time.

The club is always keen to hear from enthusiastic volunteers for the committee or events, so if you're keen to make a contribution to your community, please get in touch! The committee meets every month and works on a range of projects. 

The 2021/22 Club Committee is:

  • Jerome Champetier de Ribes — President
  • Lucy Siebert — Vice President
  • Ewa Schreiber — Treasurer
  • Lily Riggs — Ladies's Match Secretary
  • Rod Banks — Men's Match Secretary
  • Mark Separovic — Maintenance
  • Brett Grant
  • Carlin Grant
  • Lisha Dhulipalla
  • Richard Dodson
Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
2020/21 Jerome Champetier de Ribes Lucy Siebert  Sorcha Delaney Ewa Schreiber
2019/20 Jerome Champetier de Ribes Lucy Siebert  Ewa Schreiber Wynand Louw
2018/19 Jerome Champetier de Ribes Elissa Banfield Carlin Grant Tushar Jani
2017/18 Jerome Champetier de Ribes   Patricia Aitken  
2016/17 Robert Spralja   Patricia Aitken  
2015/16 Dwayne Singleton   Patricia Aitken  
2014/15 Dwayne Singleton   Patricia Aitken  
2013/14 Dwayne Singleton   Patricia Aitken