Celebration of our "Best Club People"

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When Siva, our "Best Club Person - 2022", meets Jeff, "Best Club Person - 2023", it causes a big joy of celebration.

For those who missed it, Siva is our club's first "Best Club Person" for his dedication and diligence in preparing the courts for our weekend social tennis.  Siva always arrives about an hour early, both Saturday and Sunday, to check the court condition and prepare the courts, even he lives about an hour away from the court.  In additon, Siva often brings biscuits for morning tea so all players can taste sweetness after some long sets.

Jeff, this year "Best Club Person", has made a tremendous contribution by getting a significant grant so that we can renovate the club house, install LED lights for all the courts, and have a hitting-wall area.  You can see Jeff's great contribution in our President's Annual report .

Siva and Jeff, your great contributions have made playing in the club more pleasurable.  Big thank you to both of you.