Junior League

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General Information for Parents and Players  

Red Hill Tennis Club has an active Junior Canberra Tennis League scene with more teams in the competition than most other clubs in the ACT. This is only possible thanks to the input of many parents, the hardworking Junior League team and our club coach.

Your coach will advise when you are ready to play Junior CTL, or you should be approved by the Junior CTL Coordinator as being of a suitable standard for competition tennis.

Matches are played on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am until 10:45  OR  11 am till 1 pm. The time can vary from week to week.   The games are located in various locations around Canberra (away matches) or at  Red Hill (home matches) Your team manager will provide you with a draw for the season.

Teams are made of three or four players, with three players participating each week. In a match  each player plays one set of singles and 2 sets of doubles. 

There are 2 competition seasons per year – Spring and Autumn, and each season has 7  – 10 rounds.  Play usually stops for long weekends, most school holidays and for some local tournaments.

Teams are put together by the Junior CTL Coordinator along with the Club Coach.  Please note that personal requests for team composition and grading are taken into consideration, but the final decision is made by club officials.

Players should be available to play for the entire season. If unavailable on the particular week, the Team Manager will usually be able to find a replacement, but it is important that players and families make a commitment to the team for the season. If you don’t think that you can make a regular commitment to pennant, you can speak to the coach or JP Coordinator about being a reserve.

Teams are provided with balls., and players may purchase club shirts if they wish. Players are asked to arrive in time to warm up (normally 30 minutes before the game starts) and to prepare the clay courts.

Parents are very important in Junior CTL and must be prepared to help in this role. Each team must have a nominated parent as Team Manager and you may be asked to help out in this important role. Managers record scores and enter them online. They help find replacement players when needed and let other team parents know details of matches. There is lots of support for managers, and information about the duties involved can be found on the Tennis ACT website.  Managers need to have a ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ registration card under new ACT Government legislation to protect young people.

There should be at least one parent present at any match, and during a home match parents should act as hosts for visiting players and parents – we have a reputation for being a friendly club!

Your kids love being cheered on!

Junior CTL  players need to

  • be members of RHTC or another affiliated club (see Membership tab on club website)
  • pay the season league fee to the club (currently $70). You will be invoiced for this early in the season.  Do not pay until you get your invoice. 

There is usually  an information session before the first week of play, where players and parents can find out team details, other information, and purchase club shirts. Club shirts can also be purchased any time (currently $32) from Libby McCutchan.

You are welcome to contact the Red Hill League Committee at any stage.

RHTC CTL Committee

Libby McCutchan (0468 751 165)
Carolyn Paris (0407 974 203)
Matt McDonald (0412 565 137)

For more information from Tennis ACT please see Junior League


What to do if you’re short a player

Working with Vulnerable People application  (each manager must complete – this is free for volunteers)

Good luck with the season !