Rep Events

Event Name Age Group Players per Team Date Venue
Pat Cash Cup 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s 2 Boys & 2 Girls  Feb Horsham
Wayne Arthurs Cup 10s 2 Boys & 2 Girls  April Kooyong LTC
Daphnee Fancutt Shield 14s, 16s, 18s Boys & Girls Jan Waverley Tennis
Alicia Molik Cup 12s 2 Boys & 2 Girls Dec Kooyong LTC
Frank Sedgman Cup 11s 2 Boys & 2 Girls July Wodonga
AJL All ages Boys & Girls Aug - Nov Metro Region


Representative Events Selection Policy

To Represent the PTA/MPR region is a privledge and as such PTA/MPR have high expectations that those chosen will act with the highest Level of committment and sportsmanship to their team mates and opposition.

Read our Code of Conduct for PTA / MPR Rep Events Teams  

A PTA/MPR selection-panel utilises the following criteria to shortlist potential players for representative events: 

  • Age, UTR rating, PTA/MPR Junior Competition data, selection event results and player commitment.
  • The number of shortlisted players is dependent upon the range/degree of proximity of the selection criteria. At a minimum, the number of potential players shortlisted, will be the number of players required +1.
  • The number of invitations to tryout, automatic selection of players, team selection, and order of play is determined at the discretion of the PTA/MPR selection-panel.
  • The panel is tasked with making fair, objective and impartial decisions, with player welfare in mind. All selection-panel judgements are final.
  • PTA/MPR will nominate a team manager for each team.