More Ways To Play

A match for all More Ways To Play

Discover the diverse world of tennis with these inclusive options and innovative formats of the sport available at tennis facilities around the country! Swing into POP Tennis, Padel, Pickleball, Open Court Sessions, AO Holiday Programs presented by Weet-Bix™ and more!

Whether you're looking for a fresh challenge, a social outing, or a fun family activity, we've got you covered. Explore a variety of exciting play options that match your interests and skill level. It's all about expanding the game, connecting communities, and finding the perfect court adventure for you. Ready to explore more? Let's play!

Want more ways to play tennis?

POP Tennis

Urban fun POP Tennis

In POP Tennis, the court is a little smaller, the ball a little slower, the racquet a little shorter — the combination of which add up to a lot of fun. POP Tennis is a great starter sport for beginners of all ages, an easy way for social tennis players to switch up their routine or for competitors to find new ways to win. Grab a mate and try the sport soon to sweep the globe.

Visit your local tennis club website to find out whether POP Tennis is on offer.


Play every angle Padel

Padel is a fun and dynamic off-the-wall spin on the traditional tennis game and squash. Whether you are having a hit for the first time or looking for a more competitive challenge, the sport is great for players of all ages and abilities. It’s easy to play, social and a great way to stay fit!

Visit your local tennis club website to find out whether Padel is on offer.

Open Court Sessions

Play the social way Open Court Sessions

Open Court Sessions is for players who don't take themselves too seriously. Whether you want to rally with your mates or make some new ones by trying a new sport, these sessions are the perfect way to have a hit, get a bite, and have heaps of fun while doing it.

Keen to get started? Use the home page search function to search for a participating club and book a session online today.

AO Holiday Programs presented by Weet-Bix™

A taste of tennis AO Holiday Programs presented by Weet-Bix™

This year, aspiring youngsters can get a taste of tennis action across the summer with themed activities, experiences, and virtual surprises from some of the world’s top players as part of the AO Holiday Programs presented by Weet-Bix™!

Visit your local tennis club website to find out whether AO Holiday Programs presented by Weet-Bix™ is on offer.

Inclusion & Diversity

Tennis for all Inclusion & Diversity

Our aim is that tennis reflects Australia's diverse communities and people, so everyone has the opportunity to get involved in tennis in a way that is meaningful for them. We believe that diversity is a strength and inclusion is a human right.

In addition to mainstream tennis, we are proud to offer a variety of pathways for diverse communities to engage in. These pathways start at local/state level and may lead to representing Australia in international tournaments.

Pathways include;

  • First Nations Tennis – National Indigenous Tennis Carnival
  • LGBTQ+ - GLTA (Gay Lesbian Tennis Alliance)
  • Players with a Disability - Blind/Low Vision, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, People with intellectual Disabilities & Autism, Wheelchair Tennis, Para/Adaptive Standing Tennis

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