Hot Shots Tennis

Learn tennis for life Hot Shots Tennis (3-10+)

Hot Shots Tennis is a fun way for children ages of 3-10+ years old to play and learn tennis.

Each Stage provides the right equipment and court size for kids to play tennis at their ability and interest. Games and activities are designed with our Play to Learn philosophy which recognises the importance of play, appropriate challenge and learning new skills.

The benefits of the program go beyond learning tennis to also promote life skills such as building positive friendships, working with others, problem-solving, persistence, and confidence. In this way, Hot Shots Tennis promotes 'good players' and 'good people' in a fun, inclusive and safe environment.

What to bring

  • Racquet
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen

Skill level

  • Great for children 3-10+ years old who are keen to learn tennis! Learn more about the different Hot Shots Tennis stages below.

Blue Stage

  • Age 3-5+
  • Launch pad for players. Developing the ABC’s
  • Fun, creativity and play

Red Stage

  • Age 5-8+
  • Discovering and developing tennis specific skills including an introduction to specific tennis strokes, basic strategies and the rally

Orange Stage

  • Age 8-10+
  • Exploring and developing more complex tennis specific skills in conjunction with additional and more complex game related strategies

Green Stage

  • Age 10+
  • Refining more complex tennis specific skills and game related strategies
  • Completing the transition to full-court tennis