Cardio Tennis

Hit your way to fit Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is the energised way to learn and play tennis for people of all ages and abilities. Sessions are run by qualified coaches who personalise activities to suit the motivations and abilities of each individual, so you feel comfortable to progress at your own pace.

Cardio Tennis has four streams, so you can choose the best way to play.


Session range between 45 - 60mins

Skill level

Sessions are designed for absolute beginners through to experienced players! Learn more about the different Cardio Tennis streams below.

Cardio lite

The low impact session getting people active and learning tennis in a relaxed environment. For people who would love to get into tennis.

Cardio classic

The balanced session focused on blending drills and play with high energy. For people who love working up a sweat.

Cardio play

The point play session focused on intense rallies and competitive team games. For people who love to play points

Cardio max

The high intensity session focused on tennis drills and a high volume of hitting. For people who love pushing their limits.