2015 WDTA Winter Junior Competition Results

In the WDTA 2015 Winter Competition there were 10 Saturday teams and 7 Sunday teams.  At the end of the season we had 6 Saturday and 5 Sunday teams play off in the semi finals.  And the Grand Final saw a record 9 teams play.  The juniors won 4 gold and 5 silver.  The Grand Final teams were:-

Saturday Grand Finalists

SILVER    B1 Open Singles/Doubles Rubbers             

Neel Mohan and Anthony  Basile

SILVER    D Special 5 Triples Gold                                

Amy Peters, Arnie Sridhar, Jeremy Xu and Ruby Sunnucks

SILVER     D Special 6 Triples Green                             

Kynan Nyitrai, Eric Peters, James Hegan and Jinbo Xie

GOLD       D5 Triples Gold                                               

Forest Lei, Jeff Xie, Jaydon Taylor, Ethan Morten and Thesigan Krishshanthan

Sunday Grand Finalists

GOLD       B1 Triples                                                       

Kanishk Arunraj, Neel Mohan, Dylan De Silva and Ashain Tissera

GOLD       D Special 4 Triples                                         

Chanuth Padmaperuma, Aryan Mohan, James Mackay and Jason Zhu

GOLD       D5 Triples                                                        

Avindri DeSilva, Aden Tranton, Jamie Davis and Thomas Boldiston

SILVER     D6 Triples                                                        

Venuja DeSilva, Luke Tom, Oscar Richards, Ritvik Sivanandra and Maria Pipingas

SILVER     D7 Triples                                                        

Nikita Liyanage, Maria Pipingas, Ashleigh Hasler and Nudara Liyanage

Well done to all!  An absolutely fantastic effort!