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Legana Tennis Club’s courts are available for booking at the times indicated above.


If you are a member, you can book a court for free. Booking is optional, but if you book you will know that a court is available for you.


If you do not have membership with our club, you can book a court for $10 per hour (daylight hours only). Complete the booking on this page. Alternatively, you can go to Tennis Australia’s Play Tennis website (opens in new window).

When booking a court, only enter your own name and details. This way, you should be charged the correct amount of $10 per hour per court. If you add another person to the booking, you will be overcharged an additional $10 per hour by the booking system.

You pay online at the time of the booking. Once you have booked you will receive a combination code. This is for an Igloo combination lock that is on a gate by the driveway. (Our other two gates have standard padlocks on them.) Enter the combination and then press the unlock button. The unlock button is on the bottom right of the lock. When unlocked, the lock will beep. It then needs to be pulled open.

While you will have access to a booked court, the clubhouse and toilets will remain locked. There are public toilets in the recreation ground near the carpark. In addition, court lighting is only available for members.

Please make sure that the gate is locked when you leave the courts. 

Need help?

If you need help with your booking, contact us (opens in new window).



Booking Terms and Conditions

Tennis purposes only

The tennis courts at the venue are only to be used for the purpose of recreational tennis.

Access to the venue

Access to the tennis courts will only be permitted for the court, date and starting time specified within your booking confirmation. Access will be granted from 10 minutes prior to 10 minutes after booking time.

Tennis Equipment

Legana Tennis Club does not provide racquets or balls as part of the court hire.


All users must wear appropriate tennis footwear at all times when using the tennis courts at the venue.

Refund Policy

You may cancel your booking by logging into your Book a Court profile. Cancellations will receive a refund to the credit card provided for the booking.

Legana Tennis Club reserves the right to cancel your booking at any time. If the club cancels your booking, you have the option to reschedule your booking to an alternative time or be provided with a refund.


The ability of the courts to be used can be dependent on the weather. If it is too wet, reschedule or cancel your booking.


Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times.


Users of the tennis courts must not damage, deface or mark any part of the venue. You agree that you will be fully responsible and liable for any damage caused by you to the venue.

Other users

A maximum of 10 players/spectators in total are allowed per court. You agree that you must ensure all users of the venue included as part of your booking comply with these terms and conditions. You agree that you will remain fully responsible and liable under these terms and conditions for any breach of these terms and conditions by any user of the venue included as part of your booking.


It is a condition that users of the tennis courts undertake to use the facilities in a safe and cautious manner at all times.

Risk Warning

You acknowledge that by using the tennis courts you will be exposed to certain risks, including the risk of physical injury, and that use of the tennis courts is entirely at your own risk.

Player Etiquette

Please leave the tennis courts and facilities tidy for the next players to use and enjoy. Residential houses near the courts are occupied, and players are therefore requested to keep noise to a reasonable level.

Smoking is not permitted within the venue.