Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting 2024

Our Annual General Meeting will be at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 14/8/24 at the Legana Fire Station.  We encourage all members to attend and have a say in the future of our club. This meeting is a significant one, as our current President, Andrew Faulkner, is stepping down after 3 years in this role. 

Our club has an active committee that coordinates all the activities at our club. We ask everyone to contribute and help with these activities. It's even better if you can spare the time to join our committee!

 What’s involved?

  • Join the monthly committee meeting, first Wednesday of the month at 7.30 p.m. 
  • Contribute to the management of the club
  • Share your ideas and thoughts to improve our club
  • Lend a hand to assist coordinate championships and pennants

For more information, contact Andrew Faulkner on 0417 456 619.


Monday Morning Social Tennis 2024

Members are welcome to join in a social game on Monday mornings starting at 10.00 a.m. Players in the Ladies Mid-Week organise this relaxed morning of tennis and welcome newcomers (including men). If you are interested in playing, contact Ros Burr on 0417 413 560.


Inter-Club Pennant A, B & C Grades 2024 (Summer - Autumn) 

The Summer-Autumn 2024 Tennis North Interclub Pennants is now on! 

If you are interested in playing in a Legana Tennis Club team as a regular player (or as a fill-in in this competition) we will try and find a spot for you. The C grade doubles is for entry level and a great place to start playing competitive tennis! 

The competitions are not age or gender-specific.

The playing options are:

Monday evenings
A grade doubles only (2 player teams)
B grade singles and doubles(3 player teams)

Tuesday evenings
A2 and B grade doubles (2 player teams)

Wednesday evenings
A grade singles and doubles (3 player teams)
C grade doubles (2 player teams)

If you would like to play on one of our teams, contact Craig Boyce on 0447 501 209.


Ladies Mid-Week (Wednesday) Pennant 2024 

Our Ladies Mid-Week is always looking for intermediate players of a B, C or D grade standard. This competition can be a great way to re-engage with tennis!

If you are interested in playing please contact Ros Burr on 0417 413 560.



Key Events in the Past Year . . . 

Legana Tennis Club’s 100th Birthday Celebration

Our tennis club was established in 1924, so we held a celebration with all members and past members invited! Many thanks to everyone who helped and attended this event.

Date and time: Saturday 22/6/24 from 4.00 to 7.00 p.m.

Location: Riverside Cricket Club at 1 Windsor Drive, Windsor Community Precinct, Riverside.


Thursday Night Club Pennant 2024 (Summer - Autumn) 

Our friendly Thursday Night (intra-club) Pennant has concluded with the finals played on 4/4/24.

This social doubles competition caters for all skill levels: from first-time pennant players to wily veterans. All members are encouraged to play. If you can’t commit to playing every week, you can still register your interest as a fill-in.

This intraclub pennant will have a different format to previous seasons:

  • Depending on numbers there are 5 to 7 teams, each with two players;
  • Each team plays two set of doubles each night;
  • The teams are selected by our tournament committee (this is to make the teams as even as possible). 

To find out more and/or register your interest in playing in this competition, contact Craig Boyce on 0447 501 209.


Veterans Championships 2024

For members over 40, this is the event to be involved in. It's a challenge, but also great fun. Anyone could win!

This competition was held on Saturday 6/4/24.  

Womens, Mens and Mixed Doubles events are open to all members aged over 40 years as at 1 February. Partners will be drawn for all doubles events. 

For more information, contact  Craig Boyce on 0447 501 209.


Club Championships 2024

It doesn't get any bigger than this one! Awards. Gold lettering on our championships board. Legend status. It's all up for grabs in this friendly competition where you'll likely play plenty of tennis.

This competition was held in on the weekend of 16 & 17/3/24.  

We encourage all members to play as this competition is the highlight of our club's year.

The Singles competition consists of Womens and Mens Singles. There is also a Juniors Singles competition for boys and girls. 

The Doubles competition consists of Womens, Mens and Mixed Doubles. The doubles teams are determined by the Tournament Committee, who try to create a balanced competition. 

The Tournament Committee makes every effort to accommodate the availability of players.

For more information, contact  Craig Boyce on 0447 501 209.


October Working Bee 2023

We held a working bee at the club on Sunday 15/10/23 from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m to maintain the clubhouse and grounds. If you couldn't make it on the day, please come at another time to help by doing some routine work. 


Thursday Night ‘Winter Warmer’ Doubles 2023

Interested in playing tennis over the winter period? This competition was held over the winter with the finals on 7/9/23. Congratulations to the winning team:  the Quolls (Jeff Garner and Luke James). 

When: Thursdays at 7.00 p.m. until about 8.45 p.m.

What: a team plays two sets against another team in the roster.

Who: the competition is for club members and all levels of skill, in the same spirit as our other Thursday night competitions. 

For more information, phone/text Nigel McKinlay on 0427 927 014. 


Open Mixed Doubles Tournament 2023

This annual round robin competition was held on Sunday 29/10/23. The annual competition is open to club members and players from all clubs. In previous years, this has been a fun and challenging competition, with experienced teams battling it out for the prizes. 

You can make up a team and register. Or, if you would like to play, but need a partner, we can try and find you one.

2023 Invitation and Registration Form (pdf)

For more information, contact Craig Boyce on 0447 501 209 or David Scott 0417 456 619.