Development & Performance Squad Programs

Our Performance and Development Squad Programs are desgined for players who want to push themselves to achieve results with their tennis. Players in this program must meet minimum requirements with their tennis ability, attitude and committment to tennis.

Acceptance into the squad program is at the descretion of our Performance Coaching Team.

Players can book a trial in the squad program by contacting the office on (03) 5975 6124.


In order to gain acceptance into the Performance squads, every player must:

  • Meet the minimum standard requirements for the particular squad they are interested in attending & will be required to attend a trial session first. 
  • Be willing to work hard in the training environment in every session.
  • Be positive throughout each session as any unsportsmanlike conduct such as throwing racquets, will not be tolerated.
  • A team player, listen to their coaches and peers.
  • Respect the coaches and peers.


  • A competitive peer group pushes players to their limits. 
  • Coaching from our High performance Coaches (Greg, Enzo & Marc) who have ex-tour professional experience.
  • Learn and implement various tactical strategies throughout each session to enhance tournament performances.
  • Increased physical fitness through the intense training environment and injury prevention focus to support players to stay in the game for the long-term.
  • Increased mental toughness and strategies to use during competition.
  • Education on tournament pathway, competition pathway and UTR System.