Ages: 3-12 years

Level: Beginner & Intermedaite Groups

Tennis Hot Shots is a tennis grassroots program supported by Tennis Australia designed just for kids.

Smaller courts, lighter racquets and low compression balls that don't bounce too high make learning tennis fun and easy for children aged 3 years+.

This means kids are able to start hitting the ball and having fun right from their very first lesson! 


Blue Stage 30min The Launch Pad Stage introduces children to tennis through games and fun activities. Children will learn the basics of tennis; forehand, backhand & volleys.
Red Stage 45min The Red Stage will see children learn the basics, learn to rally and learn to serve on a small size court.
Orange Stage 45min The Orange Stage will see children learn the basics, learn to rally and learn to size on a large size court.
Green Stage 45min The ball used in the Green Stage has a higher compression (75%) and children will play on a full-size court. The Green Stage will focus on all aspects of tennis, including points / scoring.



  Duration Mornington  Gardiner 
Blue Stage 30min $19 per lesson $20 per lesson
Red Stage 45min $23 per lesson $25 per lesson
Orange Stage 45min $23 per lesson $25 per lesson
Green Stage 45min $23 per lesson $25 per lesson




Ages: 13-17 years 

Level: Beginnger - Intermediate Players

Our kids group lessons for players aged 13-17 will be held in our Yellow Ball Groups / Squads.

These groups/squads are groups of players with the coach with a range of tennis drills, point play and technique.

Duration Mornington Gardiner
60min $26 per lesson  $30 per lesson



What to bring to your lesson:

🎾 Racquet (or borrow one from us)

🎾 Wear runners & comfortable sports clothes

🎾 Wear a hat & sunscreen

🎾 Bring a water bottle


** Intermediate > Advanced Players whom are comeptiting in tournaments, club comp - please check out the Performance Squad Program on offer **