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Book your court


Members that want to book a court but have not registered (or who are having problems registering / accessing the system), should send an email to to receive help and possibly an updated registration invitation mail.

Non-members that have reached this page and are looking for a hit - great! You may need to first register with the Tennis Australia system if you haven't already - it's very easy (look for the little person icon to register/sign-in as necessary) - then go ahead and book a court! Typically courts 6, 7 & 8 will be available for non-members to book.  [BTW, you'll need to use the same information and method of signing-in each time after your initial setup.]

Note that if you need to cancel your booking, please do so at least 2 hours before your scheduled booking start time to get a refund.   

Both members and non-members that have made a booking should note that the PIN listed in the booking confirmation information is very important. It facilitates entry to the Club (members can also use their swipe cards) and it also controls Lights activation.  The PIN can be used up to 15 minutes before the starting time of a booking, and up to 15 minutes after the scheduled end time of the booking.  Note that if your PIN is, say, 1234, you should enter 1234# at the gate. The PIN is particulary important to enter at night, because entering that PIN will also cause court lghts to automatically turn on and off, based on a 'sunset sensor' determining that lights are needed. 

Also note that forwarding of booking information to the on-site PIN Pad is not instantaneous. It could take up to 30 minutes before a booking is recognised at the PIN Pad.  

Other notes for Members

- To make a court booking, select a start time on the booking sheet above and complete the information in the proceeding dialogue. Minimum booking is one hour, and maximum booking time is two hours.  

- If booking a court for when lights are needed, members will need to pay $5/hour for lights (non-members pay $10/hour for lights). 

- To confirm you're accessing the Book a Court booking system as a registered ECTC Member, you should see $2.50 (cost for lights for 30 minutes for members) showing in the booking sheet, where courts are not yet booked in the evening. If you see anything  other than $2.50s, that means that you are not logged in as an ECTC member and/or you have not registered as an ECTC member. If this applies to your situation, send an email to .