Competition & Social Tennis

East Camberwell has a strong and healthy range of competitive teams. We have Senior and Junior teams that compete in the Eastern Region Tennis (ERT) competition, Tennis Victoria Pennant, Blackburn and District Night Competition, as well as Mid-Week Ladies (MEMRLTA) and Waverley Districts (WDTA).


If you wish to play in one or more of these competitions, please contact the relevant convenor from the list below:

  • Night Teams (Mon-Thurs) – Geoff Edwards 0488 182 449
  • Sat/Sun afternoon Seniors – Arbel Givargis 0425 375 157
  • Sat/Sun morning Juniors – David Close 0425 878 337
  • Tennis Victoria (Winter) Pennant – Arbel Givargis 0425 375 157
  • Mid-week Ladies (Tues-Thurs morning) – Helen Bell 0438 558 086


If you already play in one of these competitions, and are trying to find out “on the day / night” information, for example if matches might be canceled because of bad weather, please contact your team captain (even if they are not rostered on for that particular week) in the first instance.