Ballina Tennis Club Event Online Fee Payment

Click on the links below to pay via Credit/Debit Card/ApplePay/GPay (secure payments via Stripe) or use PayPal to make cashless payment for your Event Participation.  Include your email address to receive copy of payment receipt to your email inbox.

Show the Event Coordinator the payment confirmation on your device screen to confirm the correct amount was paid. 


Club Member Day Event Fee - $5.00

Club Member Night (under lights) Event Fee - $7.00



Non-Club Member Day Event Fee - $10.00

Non-Club Member Night (under lights) Event Fee - $12.00


If you have the Paypal App on your mobile device, simply follow the instructions below:

1. Scan: Open the latest PayPal app on your smartphone and tap "scan/pay." To scan, hold your phone up to the QR code.

2. Pay: Enter the amount due (Members: $5.00/Day, $7.00/Night  OR  Non-Members: $10.00/Day, $12 .00/Night) and tap "send."

3. Go: Show the Event Coordinator the PayPal payment confirmation on your screen to confirm the correct amount was paid.