March 5th, 1885: a public notice Kilmore Free Press: Lawn Tennis Ladies and Gentlemen desirous of forming a Lawn Tennis Club are requested to meet at the Mechanics Institute on the 19th. The meeting was attended by approx. 20 people

March 28th, 1885: Lawn Tennis Club commenced with 24 members. Committee was named and rules adopted. First match played on the cricket ground

June, 1905: Play started at Hudson Park with only one court. By 1934, four courts were operating. 1905 also saw the erection of the old pavilion

1908: Tennis courts flooded

1935: Men’s and Women’s singles handicap competition started for the Miss Wilson Trophy. 10 shillings and sixpence was the entry fee with each winner to receive a trophy. Each competitor was to purchase one pair of balls. The winner to take the new balls and the loser the used ones. Also, the Easter tournament started. Entry to watch was 1 shilling, to play was 6 shillings. To finish off the tournament a dance was held Saturday night. A ball was held Monday night




1937: No team sent to Country Week due to lack of players

1941: No teams entered into competition, due to the war

1942: All tournaments suspended until after the war (1946)

1977: Mrs Gloria King voted in as the first lady President

1979: Shire encourages Tennis Club to relocate to JJ Clancy Reserve

1980: Clubhouse moved from Hudson Park to JJ Clancy Reserve once the site of the old Sale Yards. 8 courts were constructed and Plexi paved




2000: Talks began for new Clubrooms

2002: Lights installed on four courts, night tennis started

2007: New Clubrooms completed thanks to the Mitchell Shire and a hard working committee