Junior Coaching

Gardens Tennis provides children and teenagers with high quality tennis coaching programs, designed to maximise their skill development and grow their confidence as both players and people.

Our coaching program is based upon the belief that through tennis we can develop not only better players but better individuals.

Play to Explore
Players learn why they are on court. They explore and discover the purpose and goals of the game. Sessions focus on controlling and directing the ball to help win points. 

Using modified courts, balls players are given the opportunity to serve, rally and score from the early stages of development. Modifying the environment and constraints of the activities allow coaches to ensure the right level of challenge for all players.

Play to Learn
As a player’s skill improves so does their confidence on and off court. Sessions become more challenging in order to encourage continued development.

With increased confidence comes an increased desire for challenge, players look to hit the ball faster and with a variety of shapes and spins.

In order to achieve their goals players will improve their technical, tactical and athletic skills. Mentally they will learn to focus and will develop resilience to help them enjoy challenging situations.

Play to Compete
Transitioning to the full court, players are even more tactically aware and confident in their skills. A greater focus is placed on the opponent and how players can modify their game in order to find competitive success.

Physical growth and development along with greater technical challenge means that athletic skills take on a larger role.

Players’ understanding of the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game continue to grow.

The Gardens Tennis coaches deliver our Junior Development Program in alignment with our own Coaching Philosophy, the Tennis Australia's ANZ Tennis Hot Shots philosophy and the Tennis NT's Athlete Development Pathway.


To book into a session come and see us at the Pro Shop or get in contact on 08 8981 2181 or info@gardenstennis.com.au