Willunga Tennis Club actively competes in junior competitions as well as a Senior Social Comp throughout the summer.

Summer competition starts in October and is played against local clubs in the Great Southern Tennis Association league

Red & Orange ball

Red: These are oversized balls with 25 per cent compression. These are the lowest bouncing balls and travel through the air slower, making them ideal for beginners and kids under eight.

Orange: These are normal sized tennis balls, however, have 50 per cent compression. As your child’s skills develop and they move to the program’s orange stage, they will begin to use these balls.

Green Ball

Green: In the final stage of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots, typically for older participants aged between nine and 12, normal-sized green balls with 75 per cent compression are used.

Junior Competition

PLAYERS WANTED! We would love to find more junior tennis players. If you or know of anyone interested in playing at a historic local club please contact us! 


  • Juniors – Jeff Edwards 0450 907 795
  • Seniors – Luke Zeven 0422 547 726