Turner Tennis Club welcomes new members!

Members enjoy significant hire advantages compared to non-members.  For details of rates see: Court Access

In addition, because we are affiliated with Tennis ACT, you will have the following benefits:

  • New memberships and renewals can be done online via MyTennis. See How to Join or How to Renew.
  • You can play Tennis ACT inter-club pennant competition
  • Members are automatically registered with Tennis ACT which provides Personal Accident Insurance under their Sports Injury Insurance Policy; Priority ticketing for tennis events; and Grand slam ballots.


The TTC membership year is from February 1 to January 31.


2020 membership fees (1 Feb 2020 – 31 Jan 2021) are:

Category Joining Fee Annual Membership Fee
Junior $15 $80
Full-time Student $20 $100
Adult $30 $155
Family $60 $315


Renewing members always pay the full annual fee.

New members pay the joining fee but only pay a pro-rata membership fee for incomplete months of the membership year:

  • before November the membership offered is for the remaining full or partial months in the membership year
  • from November thru January the membership offered is for the remainder of the current membership year plus the full next membership year.

This avoids new memberships being quickly followed by the need for renewal.

For example:

  • in October 2020 a new member would pay the joining fee plus four months pro-rata (October to January)
  • in November 2020 a new member would pay the joining fee plus fifteen months pro-rata (November to January plus the 2021 membership year).

The pro-rata fee is quoted when joining online: see How to Join.


Playing tennis as a member

Most members arrange their own games, however there are some scheduled club activities and information in our newsletters throughout the year.

What we ask of members and their guests:

  • Ensure the entrance gate is closed after entering
  • That you sweep the courts after use, and close the clubhouse windows, door and entrance gate when leaving
  • The club is run entirely by volunteers, so help us keep the clubhouse tidy and take your rubbish with you as we don’t have rubbish removal facilities. If you have time to sweep the clubhouse floor or wipe down dirty surfaces it would be appreciated.
  • If you find a problem with the clubhouse, courts or our surrounds then please contact the Maintenance Coordinator.

If you need more information, please Contact Us.