Member Bookings

Member court bookings are at significant discounts but guest fees are payable when you make a booking.  See Court Access for detail.


Member online bookings

Member online bookings are made on this website  at Court Hire. In the process you will create a Book-A-Court account if you don’t already have one.

In the booking dialogue use ‘Add Player’ to nominate any non-member playing: a guest fee is payable.

Payment and PIN
If payment is required it must be done by credit card to complete the booking. You will receive a 4-digit number (PIN) which will allow you to enter the club from 10 minutes before your booking time.  Typically it only takes approx 15  minutes for your online booking to update the PIN pad at the gate but NOTE that sometimes it might take longer so try to book more like 40 minutes ahead to be safe. The provided PIN will not be effective until then.

At the carpark gate enter the PIN followed by the ENTER KEY at the bottom right corner of the keypad.  When the PIN is accepted as valid the blue trim lights turn green and the gate is unlatched.  Simply push the gate open and ensure you close it after you.

If court lighting is needed for your booking it is essential that you enter the PIN to enable the lighting even if the gate is already open.

Lights will come on for your booked court when light sensors determine they are needed. That will happen even if you have not been charged for lights: we try to charge for lights only when we anticipate they will definitely be needed.

If you are unable to use your booking please cancel it so that the court is available for others to book. To make a cancellation log back in to your BAC account to access your booking.

Given weather unpredictability TTC will refund paid bookings if cancelled at least 2 hours before the booking start time. The full fee will be refunded to the charged credit card in approx 2 business days.

To make a booking …
… go to Court Hire.

If you have any difficulty with the on-line booking process, please email or phone 0481 348 148.


Member 'recurring bookings'

In special cases members can also on request arrange recurring bookings (e.g. weekly).