Our preferred method of payment is by credit card or EFT. If you are unable to pay by either of these methods we will accept a cheque.

Credit card payment is

  • required if a payment is due when booking online with Book-A-Court.
  • possible but not required when joining or renewing online.

In all other cases credit card payment is not accepted.  In those cases we would prefer EFT to cheque.

Making payments by EFT

  • please contact the Treasurer via email for bank details.

It is important in this transaction that you:

  • provide your name
  • provide the reason for payment so that the club Treasurer can account for it.
    For example:  memb 2017-18;  RB 20171023; lights 20170903;  pennant Autumn Thu;  invoice 234657,  visfee 20170903
  • preferably email the Treasurer with a copy/paste of the transaction.

Making payments by cheque

Cheques can be sent to:

Turner Tennis Club
60 Bainton Crescent
Melba 2615