Brisbane Open 2024 Tennis Tournament

Welcome to the Brisbane Open 2024  Tennis Tournament!

Welcome to the Brisbane Open 2024, a GLTA-sanctioned tennis tournament!

We're excited to host the sixth Brisbane Open. Last year our GLTA Masters Series event was a screaming success thanks to all those who entered and earned the title of 'slay queen'.  A particular level of appreciation and thanks goes out to all those volunteers and committee members who made it extra special. Also, a big thank you to our co-directors and tournament peers most notably Tony, Tyler and Doug who were always on hand to guide and direct us.

Essentially, we will endeavour to mirror the same level of play, expectation and camaraderie as last year.  We are finalising agreements with our sponsors and as soon as that is accomplished, we will issue the Player Pack.

Important Dates

This year, the entire tournament will run from Friday 19th July (7.30 am AEST) to Sunday 21st July (7 pm AEST) at the Queensland Tennis Centre.

Some Things to Remember

Last year we redrafted the rules and mirrored the other successfully run GLTA  formats around the globe.  There is no real departure from that format this year. 

1. The entry fee covers several player benefits (including  marketing merchandise, some social activities and the player pack); and

2. if you register for both singles and doubles, you must play as per the GLTA Ranking determination (e.g. unless medical advice is submitted to the GLTA outlining that you cannot compete at the designated level etc or you petition for a lower grade level owing to a lack of recent success) or if you are new to the GLTA format then as advised by your home club team captain (Tony, Tyler, Doug, Rowen). We will review your player history to ensure that you are entered at the correct level.

The Venue

The tournament venue is Queensland's premier tennis facility, home of the Pat Rafter Arena and 16 newly resurfaced hard courts that were 'snazzied up' in preparation for the recent Brisbane International in late December/early January 2024. Our finals will also be played on Pat Rafter (where possible) to ensure that authentic tournament experience. Finals will ideally take place on Sunday 21st July from 11am.   

Register here and become familiar with the Regulations.

Fees – the breakdown

The entry fee is $100 per person for the first event, and then the next event is $60, with a maximum of two events per person. There are other options included on the registration page, which include:

  • Choosing the official merchandise you want to acquire (the first piece is free, and the other pieces (water bottle / t-shirt / towel) are optional purchases)
  • the first entry includes the cost of a social event (the terms of which are being negotiated)
  • Options to purchase another ticket to the Player Dinner (your supporter or loved one can join the fun) on Friday 19th and the Sunday 21st of July social event

We have also arranged for some limited complimentary catering at the café on-site, with other supplementary food options being explored.

The Tournament Player Pack

The Player Pack will be published shortly and will be available here to download. 

Good luck everyone!!

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