Why Play With Us?

The Reid Tennis Club is a small community-orientated club nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Reid, conveniently close to Civic. We provide opportunities for competitive and social tennis, for adults and juniors.

Why Play Tennis?

Tennis is a social sport that can be enjoyed by players at various levels of ability and ages. The club has members ranging in age from pre-teens to late 80s. A recent study reported here has found tennis is the best sport for a longer life. A Danish longitudinal study over 25 years of 8,600 men and women in Copenhagen found tennis participants lived 9.7 years longer than non-exercisers, more than participants in other sport. In general, the more social the sport, them greater the benefits.

Social Tennis

You’re more than welcome to gather your friends, book a court, and play together regularly or occasionally. If you play regularly, we encourage you to join the Club.

The Club has various groups that play socially on most days of the week, including weekends. If you are interested in joining an existing group, email the Club on ReidTennisClubACT@gmail.com. Terry or Peter will contact you, discuss your requirements, maybe play a game or two, and introduce you to an appropriate group.

Competitive Tennis

The Club plays in ACT pennant competitions on Monday and Thursday nights, and Saturday afternoons. If you are interested in playing for Reid, email the Club on ReidTennisClubACT@gmail.com or contact Sue Willis on 0434 982 924.

Fitness and Coaching

The club hosts coaching and fitness tennis  with Robbie Manzano. You can Sign up through Tennis ACT.