Junior Comp

Many standards are catered for in the Eastern Region Tennis Junior competition on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Both singles and doubles competition is available. The Club encourages parents to take an interest in the development of junior tennis and those whose children are selected in teams are expected to assist with supervision at home courts and transport to away courts when rostered to do so.

Park Orchards Tennis Club Juniors compete in the Eastern Region Tennis  competition on Saturday mornings. There is a Summer season that runs from October to March and a Winter Season that runs from April to September.
Juniors can play in Rubbers, JOSD, JOD and JDC Green Ball,(for beginners under 12).


The Saturday competition commences at 8.30am and usually concludes around 11:30 am. The matches are played on a home and away basis over 14 weeks, and then 2 weeks of finals.


JDC (Junior Development Competition) is for 12 year olds and under, 3 players in a team, any gender, they each play 2 x 8 game sets each morning, using medium compression green balls, and the full size court.


JOD (Junior Open Doubles) is for 14 year olds and under, 4 players in a team, any gender, they play three games of doubles each morning, using the full size court and standard balls.


JOSD (Junior Open Singles Doubles), any age up to 19, 4 in a team, any gender, each player plays 1 singles and 2 doubles sets each morning. Yellow balls, full size court.


JOR (Junior Open Rubbers) any age up to 19, 2 in a team, any gender, each player plays 1 singles rubber (2 sets) and 1 double set.


If even more tennis is required, Tennis Victoria run the Associations Junior Pennant, where players, if selected, represent Eastern Region Tennis and play against juniors from other Associations, such as Geelong, Berwick, Peninsula, Waverley and Western Region.