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Over the past 5 years we have continued on a journey leading to the relocation for our club to the Regional Tennis Centre in Webster Way.   This relocation enables us to secure a state of the art facility for our club and more importantly our members.

We continue to work with all parties in achieving an optimum result for our fantastic club space within a new extension area to be built onto the existing facility at Webster Way. there will also be 4 brand new synthetic grass courts laid on courts 9 to 12.

There are considerable things to arrange and put in place to ensure there is a smooth transition for our club in making this move. Our committee has been working hard in trying to cover all avenues that may assist in our permanent move. We are committed to making sure our Club’s identity is retained. Our Club will continue to be known as the Pakenham Tennis Club. All current association competition played at the Regional Centre will integrate into the Pakenham Tennis Club. We will continue to run all inter club competitions from our new facility.

There is tennis coaching available at the Regional Centre at present with Aligned Leisure ( the facility manager) recruiting highly qualified coaching staff to allow the Pakenham community and our club every opportunity of tennis coaching to be offered and give all our members a solid foundation and pathway into all facets of competition play.

We all appreciate that our Club’s relocation is a massive step. It is one that has involved many final changes that will define our club in the short term. What our relocation does is secure our position in our community for many years to come and brings our facilities up to modern day with endless opportunities for the club to expand providing a strong Club base for our broader community.


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