Overport Park Tennis Club currently plays in the below competitions , we also hold regular social/competition tennis both day & night .  Please click link to see a list of OPTC Club Activities.

We currently participate in the following Tennis Victoria & Association run competitions

Tennis Victoria Pennant is Australia’s largest inter-club competition and marks its 139th year since inception in 2022.  The competition is played over 14 or 15 weeks. In eight team sections, each team plays each other twice over 14 weeks, and in six team sections teams play each other three times over 15 weeks.  Pennant usually runs from Mar/Apr to Aug/Sep. 
For 2022, our Men’s and Women’s leagues will continue to use the singles and doubles each week format utilised in 2021 in order to give it a full season trial. Two eight-game sets will be played for both doubles rubbers, followed by four singles rubbers, played in a best-of-two set format, with a ten-point match tiebreaker instead of a full third.  See 2022 Season Information Guide here

- Saturday OR Sunday - Members only
- Mens
- Ladies

The PTA competition is played at clubs primarily located on the Mornington Peninsula.
SOME CHANGES IN 2021 - see below
For a complete list of Mid-Week Ladies, Open & Junior Rules and Formats, please see 

- Mid-Week Ladies - Members only
Tuesday Doubles; Wednesday Doubles; Thursday Sets; and Friday Singles
OPTC doesn't currently have teams playing on a Wednesday or Friday but if you wish to enter a team on either of these days please contact our MWL Co-Ordinator Kathy Ellison on 0418514947 or email
Please see  for a complete rundown of formats. 

- Saturday Afternoon - Open (previously called Seniors) - Members only
- Open Singles - 2 to a team any gender each playing 1 singles & 1 doubles;
- Open Under 25 Singles - **NEW** - 2 to a team any gender each playing 1 singles & 1 doubles (players in the Under 25 Singles must be Under 25 as at the 31st of December);
- Open Mixed Doubles - 2 men & 2 females to a team playing 1 mens, 1 ladies  2 mixed doubles;
- Open Doubles - **NEW** - 4 to a team any gender each playing  2 doubles, against each pair
Entry is open to all members and we encourage any Juniors or Mid-Week Ladies to enter.

- Saturday Morning - Junior - Members only
All Formats are Mixed - NB: There is only one format/section to register for this year - to make it less confusing for Parents. Your child will be allocated one of the below formats/sections after being graded by the PTA.

- PTA Juniors Mixed Rubbers  – aimed at Advanced - Top 14 sections (approx.)
- PTA Juniors Mixed Tie Break Sets  – aimed at Beginner to Intermediate - Sections 15 to 25 (approx.)
- PTA Juniors Mixed Straight Sets Green Ball  – aimed at Beginner - Sections 26 to 30 (approx.)
***Players must be 18 years, or younger, as at 31st of December in the year in which the season commences.
Entry is open to all members

The BRTA competition is played at clubs primarily located in the suburbs of Melbourne on the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay.
For complete list of Rules and Formats, please see 

- Saturday Afternoon - Senior - Members only
- Bayside Mens Doubles Winter
- Bayside Ladies Doubles Winter
- Bayside Mixed Doubles Winter
- Bayside Unisex Singles/Doubles Winter
- Bayside Mens Doubles Summer
- Bayside Ladies Doubles Summer
- Bayside Mixed Doubles Summer
- Bayside Mens Singles/Doubles Summer
- Bayside Ladies Singles/Doubles Summer
Entry is open to all members and we encourage any Juniors or Mid-Week Ladies to enter

Please see below for all Competitions currently open for registrations at Overport Park Tennis Club...