As part of the contractual agreement between the Club and its affiliated coaches, coaching should not be carried out by anyone other than Club approved coaches. Read more about the policy here.



North Balwyn Tennis Club adheres to the TA Member Protection Policy and is committed to the safety and wellbeing of members and children at the club. The Club does not tolerate any form of abuse, neglect, harassment, unlawful discrimination, vilification, victimisation, indecency or violence against any adult or child by any person and such conduct is a breach of the TA Member Protection Policy. This Policy has been developed as part of TA's ongoing commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of its members and participants. Member Protection is all about the practices and procedures which protect our members including players, parents, coaches, and officials. The Member Protection Policy is binding on all State associations and their affiliated clubs. 

The Club has appointed a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) as part of the requirement of Tennis Australia (TA). The Member Protection Information Officer is the first point of contact for any enquiries or complaints associated with harassment, abuse, and other alleged breaches of the Policy. 

The role of the MPIO is to:

  • Listen and act as a sounding board,
  • Clarify basic points and concerns,
  • Refer to the TA Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct and explain what constitutes inappropriate behaviour,
  • Explain the complaint process and options available under the TA Member Policy

The club MPIO does not:

  • Advocate,
  • Intervene,
  • Take sides or judge,
  • Investigate, or
  • Give advice

The MPIO is required under certain circumstances to report matters directly to Victoria Police and/or the Tennis Australia Integrity Unit.

Our Member Protection Information Officer is Chris Georgiou who may be contacted on 0456179301.