NDTA History

Newcastle & District Tennis Association – NDTA


The Association’s inception. Tennis began on the Broadmeadow site back in 1908.

The creation of the Association formalised tennis in Newcastle and brought together clubs and players for local competitions.


The creation of the Junior Branch was a milestone in the Association’s history. It fostered the development of hundreds of junior players in the region and created opportunities for them to extend their tennis beyond the Newcastle district. The licensed club opened its doors for business, providing much needed funds for the Association to continue its work and a central recreation space for tennis players to meet and socialise.


New synthetic grass courts heralded a new era in tennis. Labour intensive gravel courts became a thing of the past, freeing up volunteers for other work including creating competition draws each week and carrying out maintenance at the District Park complex. Tennis was booming.


The tennis scene on and off the court began to change. Weekend shopping was in full swing, and the development of technology and resulting changes in job structures meant that fewer players committed to the traditional Saturday and Sunday afternoon competitions.


The operating model at District Park changed in 2000 to a commercial operation, marking a change in focus for the Association. This was a positive outcome that stabilised District Park Tennis Centre allowing the Association to once again start planning a new future. The current operator is Discover Sports Group.

Life Members of the Association

Life members are recognised for their long-term dedication and commitment to Newcastle and District Tennis Association and to the local tennis community.  (* denotes deceased):

1924 Ashleigh Pulver*                        1927 Ken Mathieson*

1948 Jim O’Ryan*                                1950 Wal Rodgers*

1952 Rollo Davies*                              1965 Joe White*

1966 Frank Tennant*                          1967 Bill Gray*

1969 Stan Rutherford*                       1969 Nev Thomas*

1970 Montie Chatfield*                      1981 Doug Jones*

1982 Rob Henning*                            1989 Bill Moroney*

1994 Norma Dawson*                       1999 Frank Kitcher

2000 Ken Bendeich*                          2001 Terry Musgrave

2012 Col Barwick                                2017 Barry Presland

2021 Ellen Gordon*


President                                                 Secretary                          Treasurer

                                              1914 1920 Records Incomplete

1921-26   K A Mathieson              1921-23   R Byrnes                  1921-23   R Byrnes

1927-30   R Byrnes                            1924-27   C B Lusk                   1924-25   G F DeFlow

1931-49   W V Rodgers                  1928-62   J A O’Ryan              1926   A V Hunt

1950-54   O R Davies                       1963-70   S Rutherford          1927   A H Owens

1955-59   N D Shaw                           1971-80   D Jones                   1928   J T Gibson

1960-65   JT Wright                         1981-92   T Musgrave            1929-33   J W Lovell

1966-70   N M Thomas                   Executive Officer                     1934-37   A Boa

1971-74   S Rutherford                   1987-92   F Coull                     1938-40   H Lucas

1975-81   R W Henning                  1992-93   G Allen                     1941-47   P Wyatt

1982-94   F Kitcher                          1993-94   K Wray                      1948-79   W R Gray

1994        P Taylor                                1994-95   G Kentish                1980-88   B L Penfold

1994-95   B Williams                       1995-96   P Bendeich             1989-94   P J Bendeich

1995-99   L Darcy                             1996-97   R Murray                   1994-95   P Moore

1999-02   W Riley                             2000   S Anderson                      1995-96   K Gray

2002-03   T Rossi                              2001-02   P Chapman              1996-97 C Barwick

2003-04   W Riley                             2002-04   R Murray                  1997-99   R Murray

2004-20   E Gordon                          2004-       B Presland                1999-00   D Cassel

2021-        I Tennant                                                                                        2000-20 C Barwick                                                  

                                                                                                                                    2021-  D Woods