About NDTA


Newcastle & District Tennis Association Inc. has a committee that represents affiliated clubs in the Newcastle and surrounding districts. The committee is elected at an annual general meeting which is attended by delegates from the clubs. The Association controls the development and administration of tennis and the facilities at District Park. The strength of the Association comes from its volunteer committee members.

The Association oversees a number of Tennis Australia Tournaments and Northumberland Tournaments along with other Events.

The Association is governed by the Associations Act and operates under the Associations Constitution. This Constitution is based on the Tennis NSW Constitution. The District Park Centre is operated by the Discover Sports Group who are under a licenced agreement with the Association.

Newcastle & District Tennis Association is affiliated with Tennis NSW. Newcastle Ladies Midweek is affiliated with the Association and has its own committee which develops competitions and activities.


Interesting information snippets from the past.

In 1944, the Association appointed five roving foot fault judges to patrol all courts. Their aim was “to try and stamp out the pernicious foot faulting so rife at present”

The Associations 1944 Annual General Meeting records the courageous efforts of George Christensen, Don Dark and Aub Lock who rescued five American airmen from a burning Beaufort Bomber which crashed in District Park while trying to land on the aerodrome at the back of the land.

Sometimes rain made the gravel courts unplayable. One of the tricks used was to pour petrol on the wet patches and set them alight. The drawback to this drying method was the petrol dried areas baked much harder than the surrounding surface which impacted the game quite a bit-at least the players got a game.

Some junior players used to earn pocket money by helping bag, water and roll the gravel courts before competitions and tournaments.

When people used to hire a court at District Park they had to put up the net themselves, and at the end of the session they had to roll it up and store it in the shed.