For those tennis players who enjoy the competitive side of tennis, TENNIS LEAGUE (also known as 'pennant') is the most popular competition in Australia. Mandurah Tennis Club fields teams across all age groups and divisions and the teams vary from year to year so there is often a playing opportunity available.

Summer season runs from October to March, while Winter season runs from May to August.  For first time junior players, it is best to indicate your interest in playing TENNIS LEAGUE to the Club Coach well in advance of the start of the season.


SUMMER LEAGUE 2023/24  (28 October 2023 ~ 24 March 2024, 10 rounds + finals)

MANDURAH TENNIS CLUB can enter into any competions as long as we have enough players for the team, the followings are popular ones.  You can see the all competitions by clicking HERE*unable to enter Tuesday night competition due to our night social tennis.


  • Monday Night (Men's or Women's, SGL/DBL, 3 player, 7:30pm~)
  • Wednesday Night Men's Doubles (4 player, 7:30pm~)
  • Wednesday Night (Men's or Women's, SGL/DBL, 3 player, 7:30pm~)
  • Saturday Men’s Open (SGL/DBL,4 player, 1pm~)
  • Saturday Women’s Open (SGL/DBL, 4 player, 1pm~)
  • Sunday Mixed Up Open Doubles (4 player1pm~)


  • Sunday Junior 15 & under  Boys - Yellow Ball (4 player, 8:30am~)
  • Sunday Junior 15 & under Girls - Yellow Ball  (4 player, 8:30am~)
  • Sunday Junior 13 & under  Mixed - Yellow Ball  (4 player, 8:30am~)
  • Sunday Junior 13 & under  Mixed - Green Ball  (4 player, 8:30am~)
  • Sunday Junior 11 & under Mixed - Orange Ball (3 player, 8:30am~)

*If you already have your own team and like to play from Mandurah TC, you can still use the nomination form below and write the details there, we will get in touch with you to confirm all necessary details. 

Adult nomination form     

Junior nomination form    

::: Important note for new and current league players :::

From this season, it is MANDATORY for every player to have "Competitive Player Profile" linked to "Universal Tennis account(UTR)" BEFORE entering teams.  If you can see your UTR on your "Match Centre" profile, then it's already done.  But if it is blank or you don't have a profile then please create one as soon as possible.

Please see the instructions HERE
We won't be able to add you to a team unless you have completed your profile!



  • Nominations close - Friday 15th September 2023      
  • Club's nominations close - Thursday 5th September 2023
  • League Fees due -  Saturday 30th September 2023    (Junior $75, Adult app $40~100 depending on number of players in a team and number of rounds played)
  • Fixtures released - Monday 16th October 2023
  • Rounds begin - Saturday 28th October  2023

You need to be a club member to be nominated to play in a team,  please click HERE to become club member.  Completing a nomination form does NOT mean automatic selection in a team. Sufficient nominations must be received (at least one more than the base team number) to ensure a team can be entered.  Players need to have full commitment throughout the season, being available all or more than 80% of the season.  Wearing club shirt during competition is strongly encouraged.  Our club coach and coordinator will evaluate all applications.   While we will try to meet specific requests, there may be reason that not all can be met.  You will be informed once we have sufficient players in your team and succesfully entered into the competition.   LEAGUE FEE will have to be paid accordingly.

We need a team captain for each team - Role: creating playing roster for the team, in charge of running home matches,  entering score online after the match, communicating with oppenent team when unfavolable weather etc.

Summer League 2023/24 Calendar - Click HERE

Summer League 2023/24 Format - Click HERE



Adult- Anne Atkinson(Club Captain) 0419 916 056

Junior- Junko Smyth (Junior Coordinator) 0466 335 038




Players are encouraged to wear club shirts during competition.

T shirt/singlet $30,   Polo shirt $35

*PLEASE try them on at the Club before ordering; ask  Junko (