Competitions and Programs

The Kendall Tennis Club provides the community with many programs, competitions and activities that enhanced the local environment and community spirit. These programs and competitions have improved and increased social inclusion within the community and provide a safe environment for all.

The following is some of the competitions and activities that our club are currently providing for the community.

Weekly Night Tennis Competitions

Night tennis competitions can be played up to 3 nights a week in the summer months. This competition has three grades and caters from the stronger player to the bare beginner.

Summer Competition played February to May.

Winter Competition played June to August.

Spring Competition played September to December.

Phone – 0419634848  or email to register.



Junior Friday Afternoon/Night Competition

Our Friday Junior program is run twice a year.  Summer Program is  February-May and Spring Program is August-December. 

There is a 12 week Match Play program  in Yellow , Green & Orange Ball  along with a 10 week coaching program in Red & Orange Ball.  

Phone – Wendy  0419634848   or email  for more information otherwise our  registration links will be on our website and facebook site a month prior to starting.  


Coaching – private and groups

The club has 3 qualified coaches .  Private and Group lessons.  Head Coach  Gary Harty on 0406272677, Junior Coach Rhyan Hudson 0437333317 &   Wendy Hudson on 0419634848. 

Club Championships 

Our club has been conducting club championships since 1972. We currently have 19 senior events and 19 junior events.  You can see from the large championship board in the background of the photo’s that it is a competitive and sought after competition.  Junior Club Championships are played in June of most years.