Coach Services

Currently we have two Tennis Australia accredited coaches at Hope Valley Tennis Club.

Janine Crowe has been with the club since 2004 and coaches in both individual, group and squad training sessions.

Josh Crowe has played on the professional tour and commenced coaching at Hope Valley in 2012.

He coaches orange ball beginners through to intermediate and higher standards in individual, group and squad training sessions.

Both Janine and Josh are highly experienced coaches and offer skills to improve any standard player’s game.


Lessons are available for 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

30 minute lesson –

Janine $30

Josh $35

Group Lessons $ 100 for an 8 week term.

Squad Lessons $140 for an 8 week term.


For coaching enquiries please contact-

Janine –  Mobile   0415 507 729 

                 Home    82637068

Josh –      Mobile   0403 789 157

Prompt restringing also available.