Club Rules

Book a court

  • You must book a court and add all players (who must be members) in the notes section
  • Please cancel bookings in timely manner for others to use the time slot


  • No under 18's allowed without adult supervision
  • When exiting ensure all doors are shut properly & all appliances, lights etc.. are off 
  • Dishes must be cleaned and put away
  • Rubbish removed - PARTICULARLY FOOD (which should never be left in fridge!)

Access card

  • Is not transferable (unless within a family membership - and children may not be given clubhouse access)
  • Must be used every time member attends club
  • Must NOT be labelled as the club's in the event of it being lost then found by a nefarious actor
  •  Secretary is to be notifed if card is lost

Court maintenance

  • Pick up leaf litter (rakes provided) place in green bins located Northern end
  • Bag the court after use (unless too wet); sweep lines
  • TAKE ALL RUBBISH (do a bit extra - makes you feel good)

Court etiquette

  • Do not come onto or walk behind a court in play
  • When returning balls not in play: roll under net or do gentle drive to closest player/opponent (no supershots)
  • No temper trantrums


  • Under 16's must be supervised at all times


  • Only use if necessary and turn off as soon as practical after use (once turned off they will take 20 minutes to cool down and come back on)


No smoking - including within 10 metres of the entire club's vicinity