Court Care & Shoe Policy

The Court surface can be dangerous if too wet or too dry – please see below how to ensure the court surface is suitable for play:

Courts MUST be watered before and after (and if necessary during) play from fence to fence (North and South) and bagged after every set from fence to fence, and bagged at the end of play from fence to fence. Note this needs to be done from fence to fence, not just the court area. This keeps down dust, helps settle the court correctly and minimises risk and discomfort to players.
It is important that the court surface must always be kept damp during play. When watering the courts, make sure there is good water pressure and point the hose high into the air to ensure a good even coverage. Take care not to over-water, which will create puddles making play impossible.
Pay attention and you will avoid puddles. In very dry or windy conditions, a light sprinkling before bagging will help keep the dust down.

Watering courts is a bit of an art until you get used to it. If you’re not sure please ask someone, or watch how they do it. The main trick in avoiding puddles is to keep the hose pointed into the air, not down onto the court.

If the courts have become flooded or shiny / wet all over, allow the water to subside of its own accord. This may take up to one hour or longer. Mopping up may only begin once the water has subsided to small puddles. Once these puddles have been removed the court surface must be allowed to dry naturally until ready for play. If, when you rub your foot lightly along the court surface, it is still wet or slippery underneath, allow more time to dry. When appropriate, the watersoaker rollers can be used to remove excess water.

When all or part of a court is affected by frost no play is possible. Frost forms both on top of and below the surface and any play causes the surface to break up.
Wait until the frost melts and the court dries out.
Note: Playing on a wet court is dangerous to players, as well as damaging to the court.

If you see someone who is not doing the right thing by the court (i.e. by not following the above rules), please remind them of the proper way to protect our most valuable assets.


Only approved flat soled tennis shoes (including herringbone or feathered) are to be worn on the courts at East Malvern Tennis Club. Ripple sole, cross trainers, jogging, running, cricket shoes or shoes with a raised heel or with studs that cause damage to the courts are not permitted. Please see Shoe Sole Images if you are unsure.