Junior Programs

At DTC our Junior Program caters for all levels from Hotshots through to the Elite/Professional level player.

We believe every student is equally important whether they are a Hotshots player or a Performance Squad player.

The SMARTennis teaching philosophy is to coach each player to his or her full potential. We believe that each student is an individual with his or her own strengths and weaknesses and therefore each student needs to be treated individually.

The coaching environment we create is challenging but also caring and fun. We expect our students to try to be the very best they can whether they are playing one hour a week or thirty hours a week.

As Head coaches at a number of facilities we see part of our role as promoting the great game of tennis. We believe that through tennis, players can learn lessons that will help them through the rest of their lives.

We believe that communication is key in coaching and expect all our coaches to adhere to the principle of positive reinforcement.


Hotshots is the best starting point for children aged between 4-10 yrs. Players use lighter racquets with lighter balls on a smaller court.

There are 3 levels of Hotshots, Red, Orange and Green. These colours refer to the type of ball used at various ages.

Hotshots players are able to play a "game" of tennis at a much earlier age. Through playing a game matchplay qualities, especially mental and tactical performance, can be developed.

We believe competition is a hugely important tool in player development. Through competition kids find extra motivation and increased enjoyment.

All children get their very own free tennis racquet after having enrolled and paid for first time enrollment.

Group Lessons

Our Group Lessons cater for kids 11-18 years of age . They are held weeknights with 11 and 12 year olds attending in the 4-5pm timeslot and 12 years of age and up attending the 5-6pm timeslot.

We incorporate all aspects of tennis into our group lessons and this includes a match/point play component, technique, footwork and strategy to accelerate our pupil’s tennis development and fast track them into competition tennis! Fun and specific stroke theme based games which simulate point situations are a major part of the group lesson strategy.

Groups have a maximum of six pupil’s however usually the number is less.

Holiday Clinics

Let the SMARTennis professionals at Dingley Tennis Club improve your child's game during the school holidays in a fun, friendly and caring environment.

The DTC professionals will ensure your children have a memorable experience. Suitable for children aged 4-14yrs.

Clinic Highlights

  • Varied sporting activities, including swimming and racquetball
  • A clinic tennis championship, with trophy presentation
  • Raffles and other sportsmanship prizes
  • Video analysis for more advanced groups
  • Morning tea provided each day

Private Lessons

Want to accelerate your improvement? Then why not try a private lesson.

Lessons either individually or as part of a small group are a great way of working on your game in more detail.

Let the SMARTennis coaches help you to develop a top spin forehand or a kick serve. Or maybe you just want to develop a bit more consistency on your groundstrokes?

Share the fun and the cost by having a lesson with a friend or friends.

We believe that having a private lesson to supplement your Hotshots or group lesson is a great way to improve.

Performance Squads

Performance Squads are invitation only and require a strong technical and fitness base.

All players attending these squads should be playing 4-5 times per week and have tennis as their number one sport. They should be of tournament standard and also playing in Tennis Victoria Pennant.

The highest standards of effort and attitude are expected of all participants.

We at SMARTennis believe that a clever, tactically astute player with good mental routines will always come out on top in matchplay competition.